Payback or Return on Investment (ROI) derived from LED lighting with white light emitting diodes is delivered at several different levels.


LED lighting provides immediate savings in power consumption. As usage increases, further reaching benefits build and accelerate payback in the savings associated with bulb replacement, infrastructure and safety. When LED installation moves from individual sites to local or regional deployment we will see payback factors that include environmental considerations.


Facility Level Payback

  • Bulb inventory: LED eliminates the dollars tied up in inventorying many types of expensive replacement fluorescent, halogen, and incandescent bulbs.
  • Labor: LED greatly reduces the labor associated with maintaining the lighting infrastructure.
  • Recycling: Fluorescent bulbs contain 10 to 40mg of mercury each. LED eliminates the direct cost and labor cost associated with recycling. This translates to removing pounds of mercury from the recycling stream for just an average sized building.
  • Infrastructure savings: The low voltage (12V) wiring used by SSL is considerably easier to install than 120VAC, saving installation dollars on materials, reducing labor associated with installation, AND reducing dollars spent to ensure safety of the 120VAC system.
Regional Deployment Payback
  • Potential reduction of $125 billion spending on electricity over the period 2005-2025.
  • Potential 50% to 90% reduction in electricity use for lighting in the United States
  • Potential 30% reduction in total electricity production a savings of 3.5 quadrillion BTUs in the United States alone
  • Potential elimination of 28-40 million metric tons of carbon emission annually.
  • Reduction in America‚Äôs dependence on foreign energy sources and the incalculable savings associated with that!