BENEFITS OF Lighting America Technologies LED LIGHTING

White LED (light emitting diodes) is one of the few technologies available today that will have a direct positive impact on the global environment. By harnessing the three key benefits of LEDs, efficiency, lifetime, and safety, Lighting America Technologies provides a long list of local and global benefits unattainable with any other lighting technology.


LED lighting provides immediate savings in power consumption. As usage increases, benefits build and accelerate payback.

  • Lowest Power Consumption
  • Reduced Cooling Loads
  • Easily Dimmable
  • Reduced Maintenance Costs – No More Costly and Frequent Maintenance
  • Reduced Recycling Costs - No Need to Dispose of Hazardous Bulbs
  • Longer Lifetimes – 50,000 to 100,000 hours
  • Products backed with a 5-year product guarantee


  • Technology – advanced thermal mounting system transfers heat away from LEDs to reduce junction temperature for maximum performance and reliability
  • Superior Light Quality – Instant-On, no flicker or buzzing noise, easily dimmable


  • Durable – no breakable glass or filaments, resistant to shock and vibration
  • No Need to Recycle Ballasts – no mercury